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Daniel Etti-Williams is a(n) Actor/ Sound Designer/ Voiceover Artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Oklahoma City University in May of 2019 with a BFA in Acting and a Minor in Directing. He then went on to participate in Steppenwolf Theatre Company's Apprenticeship program as their 2019/20 Sound Apprentice.

Daniel has always had a passion for storytelling of all kinds; from Anime & Manga to Stage & Film to even creating his own stories playing D&D with his friends. Always looking for how best to capture imaginations with the medium he's working in, he is constantly looking for new ways to tell better stories.


Sound Portfolio

A short portfolio showcasing highlights from my work as a Sound Designer and Audio Engineer

-Track 1 is a school assignment wherein we were to collect random sounds in our lives and then told to make a short 2 minute story out of them.

-Track 2 is an episode from a short book podcast (Brennan Book Blog) on which I was the Sound Engineer. In this episode in particular I was given a lot of creative freedom.

-Track 3 is a trailer of a Narrative podcast (The Vanishing Act) on which I was the Sound and Recording Engineer. The full podcast can be found here.

The Demo Reels above were all mixed and engineered by me and serve to supplement my existing design portfolio.



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Night of the Living Dead - Ben

Richard III - Marquis Dorset

Bad Shakespeare - Gloucester

What's in Store - Wes

Our Town- Stage Manager




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