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Is God Is

She Tells Her Story
00:00 / 01:39
Rock in a Sock Murder
00:00 / 00:12

A Red Orchid Theatre

Director: Marti Gobel

Scenic: Sydney Lynne

Lighting: Levi Wilkins

Costumes: Gregory Graham

Composition: Kemet Gobel

Photography: Fadeout Media

In The Way
00:00 / 00:52
00:00 / 00:29


"Sound Designer Daniel Etti-Williams completes the ambiance with the sounds of burning as we watch She re-live that fateful day."

-Lauren Katz " Picturethispost"

"Daniel Etti-Williams’s jarring and haunting sound design are also standouts."

- Kerry Reid "Chicago Reader"

"Daniel Etti-Williams’ sound design and Kemet Gobel’s music complement the gory subject matter well."

- Emily McClanathan "Chicago Tribune"

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